Unable to install “package-name”: snap “package-name” has “install-snap” change in progress

Unable to install “package-name”: snap “package-name” has “install-snap” change in progress

Ubuntu 18.04/19.04 LTS Xenial Xerus comes with the new style of package management called Snappy or in-short snap. Snappy packages are transactional packages developed by Canonical for Ubuntu.

Due to its transactional nature, snap packages can be used in across Linux Distributions. Snap packages are very useful due to its atomic update in nature. The packages can be found and installed via command line.

The snap packages also can be downloaded from websites as .snap files and it contains all the dependencies needed inside the .snap package. The installed snap softwares are installed in their respective folders and doesn’t interfere with rest of the system.

That means, if you have installed a software via typical apt-get install xyz and installed the same software via installing xyz.snap, then both the version of the same software can co-exist in your PC without interfering with each other.

Let’s talk about error “snap “” has “install-snap” change in progress”.

Here, In my case i wanted to download or install “dbeaver-ce” but i faced this error “snap dbeaver-ce has insatll-snao change in progress.” so i started google for solution and after spending few hours, I finally came with the proper solution.

Solution :

Snap is probably still working on something in the background (or at least it thinks so). Open a terminal and run snap changes so see a list of ongoing changes.

$ snap changes ... 123  Doing   2018-04-28T10:40:11Z  -  Install "foo" snap ...

You can abort ongoing change(s):

sudo snap abort 123

Then you should be able to successfully install dbeaver-ce through the software center.

Below are the images of errors.

Unable to install “package-name”: snap “package-name” has “install-snap” change in progress

That’s it. Chheerrs! Happy Coding!

Adam Brown
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