How to prevent Umbraco from automatically logging you out

As a developer when working with Umbraco, it can be quiet annoying when you get logged out every twenty minutes or so. In this post we will take a look at how we can prevent this from happening.

To achieve the desired functionality we need to take a look at two files.

1. umbracoSettings.config : If you open this file and take a look at the security section you’ll find an entry named keepUserLoggedIn which by default is set to false. Set this value to true if you’d like to disable this feature completely.

    <!-- set to true to auto update login interval (and there by disabling the lock screen -->
    <!-- change in 4.8: Disabled users are now showed dimmed and last in the tree. If you prefer not to display them set this to true -->

2. Web.config : In the appsettings section, there is a key named umbracoTimeOutInMinutes which has a default value of 20. This setting indicates that the user will be logged out after 20 minutes. Setting a higher value will resolve the issue.

Using any of the two options will suffice but I recommend that you should not use the first option on the live environment for security reasons.

Cheerss! happy coding!

Adam Brown
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