Basic AngularJS Seed

Basic AngularJS Seed

When start writing a new tutorial, every time we spent more then one page of it just to prepare the development environment, and almost every time we miss how to make it runnable in an HTTP server. For an AngularJS application the required component are very basic but can take time to load it all, and make it for every minimal test become frustrating.

In this little seed repository i’ve put just the basics component to start developing AngularJS. The component are divided by npm and bower.

The NPM module are just two, a basic http server and bower itself.

The bower component in the seed are

To start using this seed follow the instruction below. It require you have already installed git and npm.

git clone

cd CodeTutorial-seed

npm install

npm start

Now if you navigate to :


you will see AngularJS is working in the browser.

The seed is a minimalistic version of the one you can find here :

Cheers! Happy coding!

Adam Brown
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